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This web part is not available for non FBA zones.


AHLA arbitrators, mediators, and hearing officers combine health law and health care expertise with the skills and experience needed to resolve even the toughest cases fairly, quickly, and inexpensively.  You can apply to be an arbitrator, a mediator, a hearing officer, or all three.  There is no fee to join or remain on the roster.  To cover its costs, AHLA retains 18% of the amount invoiced and collected on behalf of neutrals for billable time.  Allowable expenses such as travel costs and conference call fees are fully reimbursed.    

Minimum Requirements

Arbitrators: 14 hours of training through AHLA or another reputable organization.
Mediators: 20 hours of training through AHLA or another reputable organization.  Effective June 13, 2018, only neutrals who agree to mediate health law cases exclusively through AHLA will be eligible for the mediation roster.  This change will not effect the rosters of arbitrators or hearing officers.  If you are willing to agree to the new terms and conditions, please apply for the exclusive roster by contacting Carine Brice at  The Dispute Resolution Service Council will determine monthly whether new applicants meet the criteria for the exclusive roster.       
Hearing Officers: An attorney must have either: (a) served as counsel or as a hearing officer in at least two completed peer review hearings; or (b) completed a peer review hearing officer training course.  Due to the low volume of requests for hearing officers, AHLA is not scheduling additional trainings. 

Promote Your Neutral Services

Please do not describe yourself as "certified" by AHLA.  The Dispute Resolution Service does not certify neutrals.  

Need Help?

If you’re having trouble navigating the case management system or have questions about our services, we have resources available to help:

Frequently Asked Questions

Instructions for Creating an Account

If these resources do not answer your question, please contact us.  

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