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This web part is not available for non FBA zones.

AHLA Mentoring Program


Join AHLA’s Mentoring Program!

AHLA’s Mentoring Program provides an online portal to help mentees and mentors in health law connect. Now you can sign up for the Mentoring Program in the AHLA Communities. This new platform is user-friendly and makes it easy to join the program and find prospective mentors or mentees. Best of all, this is a FREE member benefit available to all members of AHLA.

Why Should You Become a Mentor?

It’s Rewarding. Re-energize yourself and reinvigorate your career. Mentoring develops your leadership skills and enhances your skills in coaching, counseling, and listening. You may even develop a long-lasting professional relationship or friendship with your mentee.

You Get to Pay It Forward. Was there an influential figure who helped you navigate your career? Now you can be that person to someone else. As a mentor, you can help someone who is new to health care law, recently graduating, switching jobs or sectors, or just looking for someone outside of their current workplace to give advice and guidance.

You’ll Learn Something. The mentor-mentee relationship is a two-way street. Sharing your career path forces you to reflect on what you may want next in your career. You can learn more about the job market in another area of the country or what new graduates are going through trying to find a job. This information may provide you with a new perspective on an area of law, market, or career path.

You Can Support Diversity. Diversity comes in many forms: ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, practice location, professional experience, and career level—just to name a few. You can seek a mentee based on his or her diverse qualities thereby cultivating diverse future AHLA leaders.  ​​

Why Should You Become a Mentee?

It’s Rewarding. As a mentee you have the opportunity to look into a crystal ball and see your future. Learn from others’ mistakes. Absorb your mentor’s experience and wisdom.

Network. Network. Network. Even the most successful professionals had help at some point in their careers. As a mentee, you can make important connections that could catalyze your career.  

You’ll Learn Something. Despite the increase of health law programs, many senior attorneys find that recent graduates are unprepared for the field. With a mentor you can explore problems and scenarios you might not encounter in a text book.

You Can Support Diversity. Become the newest and most inclusive generation of health lawyers. Find a mentor with whom you can identify; a role model in which you can see your future self, based on his or her diverse qualities.  

How Do I Sign Up?

To get started, click on the “Become a Mentor” or “Become a Mentee” buttons here depending on your desired role. We encourage you to consider becoming both a mentor and a mentee for an even richer experience.


Click “Access Mentoring Portal” on the right to discover how the online portal works and read the FAQs. Can't find what you need? Email​ for more help.

Click here​ to learn how the online portal works, use the Mentoring Directory, or access an FAQ about AHLA's Mentoring Program. 

We are eager to hear your experiences with the Mentoring Program. Interested in being on camera? Submit your videos or email to find out how you can get involved.​


 Ask-a-YP Leader

​If you are a young professional with a career-related question, visit Ask-a-YP Leader to submit your question. A leader from the Young Professionals Council (YPC) will respond to your inquiry. As young professionals themselves, YPC leaders aim to provide relevant and beneficial advice on topics they know well, because they’ve recently been there.
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