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Celebrating 50 Years


The American Health Lawyers Association has been supporting the health law community for more than fifty years. The organization began for the same reasons that it still flourishes today: it is a collegial and inclusive community of health care lawyers and leaders who wanted to communicate about their craft and support one other in becoming effective counsel for their clients.

Throughout 2017, the organization celebrated its 50th Anniversary, highlighting key moments in our history of excellence. Thanks to AHLA Fellows, who had a desire to find a way to capture the memories of those from our past, AHLA undertook an initiative to create a repository of those voices. A special Documentary was also created. In the box over to the right, we have included links to pages that will help you get a flavor for the role that AHLA leaders and members have played in shaping health law.

A special historical timeline contains health law milestones and highlights the progression of key developments in the profession and health law field. You will also find a repository of interviews of Past Presidents and Fellows, with both an audio file and the written transcript of each illuminating discussion. You will find photographs, quotes from AHLA leaders, a memory book written by the Past Presidents, and witness the growth of an Association that contains to be the preeminent organization for health lawyers, compliance officers, and executives in the health law arena.

A link to AHLA’s 50th Anniversary Documentary – A History of Excellence – is also provided. It is closed captioned and is located on AHLA’s YouTube channel.

In the June 2017 Special Anniversary Issue of AHLA's Journal of Health & Sciences Law, preeminent experts look back on 50 years of American Health law to prepare future generations of readers for what comes next.

AHLA ’s fifty years of “Leading health law to excellence through education, information, and dialogue” could not have been accomplished without the efforts of numerous and dedicated volunteers. Special thanks to Fellows Joel Hamme and Robert Leibenluft, and Board member Ann Bittinger who guided this initiative for AHLA.

Help us showcase AHLA’s History of Excellence…

  • Do you have photos from the “early days” of health law? We would love to add them to our repository and may also be able to use them in the timeline and in the AHLA Connections magazine!
  • Are you willing to share about your health law journey or experience in AHLA (or its predecessor organizations)? We would love to consider it for submission in an upcoming issue of the magazine.

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